HC Deb 14 December 1928 vol 223 cc2484-6W

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the interim Chinese tariff has been officially communicated to the British Government; what reply in that case has been received; and whether the visit of Sir Miles Lampson to Nanking is indica- tive of recognition of the Nationalist Government of China by His Majesty's Government?


In a Note dated 5th December the Minister for Foreign Affairs notified His Majesty's Minister that the new Chinese Customs tariff had been promulgated and would come into force on 1st February. With the exception of certain articles which are subject to special rates, the rates of duty appear to be identical with those of the interim schedule accepted by the foreign delegations in 1926. The Commercial Secretary at Shanghai has been instructed to make a detailed examination of the tariff and report any discrepancies. No reply, so far as I am aware, has been returned to the Note of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Sir Miles Lampson's visit to Nanking does not indicate recognition of the National Government of China by His Majesty's Government, butde jure recognition would be a necessary consequence of the signature of any treaty which might be concluded as the result of the negotia-

Estimated number of Persons who at 2nd January, 1928, ceased to be insured under the Unemployment Insurance Acts in Great Britain through having reached 65 years of age.
Industry. Men. Women. Total.
Fishing 900 10 910
Coal Mining 34,610 34,610
Iron Ore and Ironstone Mining and Quarrying 620 620
Lead, Tin and Copper Mining 230 230
Stone Quarrying and Mining 1,800 1,800
Slate Quarrying and Mining 460 460
Mining and Quarrying, not separately specified 690 20 710
Clay, Sand, Gravel and Chalk Pit Digging 640 640
Non-Metalliferous Mining Products:
Coke Ovens and By-Product Works 500 500
Artificial Stone and Concrete Manufacture 650 10 660
Cement, Limekilns and Whiting Works 770 10 780
Brick, Tile, etc., Making 4,480 80 4,560
Pottery, Earthenware, etc. 2,430 200 2,630
Glass Trades:
Glass (excluding Bottles and Scientific Glass) Manufacture 370 50 420
Glass Bottle Making 640 20 660

tions which Sir Miles Lampson is now conducting.

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