HC Deb 11 December 1928 vol 223 cc1932-4W

asked the President of the Board of Trade in respect of each commodity to which a safeguarding duty has been applied, the price of such commodity at convenient six-monthly intervals for the past three years, and also the price of each such commodity at the latest convenient date before the imposition of the duty?


Owing to the great variety of the products of many of the safeguarded industries and to the variations in the demands for particular products, I regret that it is impracticable to prepare a general statement such as the hon. Member asks for. So far as price comparisons of the home-produced articles between a recent date and a date prior to the imposition of the various duties can be made, the position is as follows—the prices being wholesale prices in all cases:

Leather Gloves.—According to information received from the Joint Industrial Council for the Glove Making Industry, prices between 1925 and 1927 fell generally by from 3 per cent, to 8 per cent. despite a considerable rise in the price of skins. Figures for 1928 are not yet available, but on account of the continuing rise in the price of skins, these may show some increase.

Fabric Gloves.—According to information received from the Joint Industrial Council, prices have remained generally unchanged since 1925, except in one or two lines, where there bas been a reduction.

Gas Mantles.—According to information given by the Incandescent Mantles Manufacturers' Association, prices were generally increased in 1926, but since then have been reduced, and the prices of some types are now under the 1925 level, while others are a little above.

Wrapping Paper.—According to information supplied by the National Association of Packing and Wrapping Paper Makers, prices of representative types are now lower than in the first quarter of 1926, the reductions varying from 4 per cent. to 12½ per cent.

Ground of Prosecution. Number of Prosecutions.
Employers. Ex-members of Ministry of Labour staff. Employés.
Successful. Unsuccessful. Successful. Unsuccessful. Successful. Unsuccessful.
Failure to observe the statutory obligation to pay contributions under the Unemployment Insurance Acts. 1,003 7
Fraudulently using or preparing for use unemployment stamps which had been used before. 40 1 3 3
Frauds in connection with unemployment benefit. 1 1,532 107
Misappropriation from the Unemployment Fund. 12*
* This includes one private employé of a member of the Ministry of Labour staff.

China Tableware.—According to information received from the English China Manufacturers' Association, price reductions of between 7½ per cent. and 10 per cent. have been made in certain kinds of chinaware since the imposition of the duty, while for other kinds prices are generally the same as they were immediately before the imposition of the duty.

As regards other safeguarded trades, I regret that I am not in a position to give detailed information. So far as I am aware, however, the duty has led to no increase in prices for home-produced goods.

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