HC Deb 24 April 1928 vol 216 c813W

asked the Minister of Health the total number of cases of small-pox notified in London during the past 12 months ended 31st March, the number of cases which have been traced to homeless persons, and the number for which no contacts have been traced; and the total number of small-pox cases notified for the whole country during the same period, the number of those vaccinated, and the number of deaths certified as due to small-pox for the same period?


The answer to the first part of the question is 51. There were seven cases of small-pox during this period amongst homeless persons in London, but information is not available as to the number of persons who had been in contact with these cases and who subsequently either developed smallpox or escaped infection 13,348 cases were notified in England and Wales during the period in question. Complete particulars as to the vaccinal con-

No. insured at July, 1926. No. unemployed at 22nd March, 1926. No. insured at July. 1927. No. unemployed at 21st March, 1927. No. insured at July, 1927.* No. unemployed at 26th March, 1928.*
Men 24,940 1,854 24,260 2,024 23,490 1,909
Boys 1,950 103 2,440 87 2,440 65
Women 39,120 4,213 40,730 4,719 40,250 5,910
Girls 10,200 574 10,980 824 10,980 847
Total 76,210 6,744 78,410 7,654 77,430 8,731
* Exclusive of persons aged 65 years and upwards.

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