HC Deb 05 April 1928 vol 215 cc2160-1W

asked the Minister of Agriculture what was the total value of fish brought into the United Kingdom in 1926 and 1927; what proportion of that total was of British catching; as to the balance, what proportion consisted of foreign landings direct from the fishing; and what amount was brought as cargo from other parts of the Empire and from foreign countries, respectively?


The information desired by my hon. Friend will be found in the following table:

Value. Proportion of total landings.
1926. 1927. 1926. 1927.
£ £ Per cent. Per cent.
British catch 17,741,497 17,666,473 61 60
Foreign landings direct from the fishing grounds. 1,370,851 1,297,393 5 5
Brought as cargo—
(a) from other parts of the Empire 2,273,628 2,350,233 8 8
(b) from foreign countries 7,601,697 7,933,622 26 27
Total 28,987,673 29,247,721 100 100
The import figures for 1927 are advance figures and may be subject to some slight revision. The figures for fish brought as cargo include cured and canned fish as well as fresh fish.

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