HC Deb 04 April 1928 vol 215 cc1975-6W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether the Admiralty is in possession of any information which can be published showing whether any effort to blow up His Majesty's Ship "Dwarf" was made by a missionary of the Basle Mission?

UNEMPLOYMENT among insured workers classified as belonging to the Cotton Textile industry at 20th February, 1928.
Area Persons with current claims to benefit.* Non-claimed and books in the Two Months File.
Wholly unemployed. Temporarily stopped.†
Men. Women. Juvenles. Men. Women. Juveniles. Men. Women. Juveniles.
Lancashire 6,419 6,162 171 6,469 16,179 1,012 1,002 2,863 130
Cheshire 766 627 6 852 1,653 85 101 157 4
Best of Great Britain. 669 649 64 695 1,676 157 150 389 44
Great Britain 7,854 7,438 241 8,016 19,508 1,254 l,253 3,409 178
* In some of these cases benefit was not payable at 20th February. Separate figures for those actually in receipt of benefit are not available.
† The majority of these cases are shore time workers, the remainder being stood off otherwise than under a shore time arragngement. Separate figures for these two classes are not available.


Two such attempts were made. They are mentioned on page 272 of Vol. 1 of the official naval history. The Admiralty know of nothing which suggests that a member of the Basle Mission was concerned.

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