HC Deb 02 April 1928 vol 215 cc1601-2W
Lieut.-Colonel MASON

asked the Minister of Health whether, under the National Health Insurance Bill, the complete freedom of insured contributors to choose their own opticians will in any way be impeded?

First Valuation:
All Approved Societies and Branches valued as at 31st December, 1918.
Amounts available for Investment to 31st December, 1918. Percentage of relative value per member.
£ Per cent.
England 26,145,000 100
Scotland 3,778,000 108
Wales 1,557,000 92
Total 31,480,000 100

Second Valuation:
Approved Societies and Branches valued as to certain units as at 31st December, 1922, and the remainder as at 31st December, 1923.
Amounts available for Investment from 1st January, 1919 to 31st December, 1923. Percentage of relative value Per member.
£ Per cent.
England 39,261,000 102
Scotland 5,275,000 101
Wales 1,706,000 68
Total 46,242,000 100

The period of the third valuation, as regards units comprising nearly 80 per cent. of the total membership of Societies, does not terminate until 3lst December, 1928.


There is not in the National Health Insurance Bill, nor is there any intention to include in any Regulations to be made under the Bill, any provision which would place an insured person in a less favourable position than hitherto with regard to the arrangements for obtaining ophthalmic benefit.