HC Deb 17 November 1927 vol 210 c1139W

asked the Minister of Health what were the original sources of the vaccine lymph stocks at present in use at the Government lymph establishment; what substances are now added to the lymph in the process of manufacture; and whether the lymph material is completely sterilised before being issued so as to secure that it shall contain no living disease germ?


The records show that the lymph now used at the Government lymph establishment is derived from calf lymph originally obtained from Cologne, and the strain has since been carried on by repeated transference from animal to animal. The substances now added to the lymph are glycerine, distilled water and oil of cloves. The lymph complies with the standards laid down in the Regulations made under the Therapeutic Substances Act, 1925, but it is not completely sterilised, as other-wise its active principle would be destroyed.