HC Deb 24 May 1927 vol 206 cc1860-1W

asked the Secretary for Mines if he will give the date on which the inquest on the victims of the Cwm Colliery explosion will be held; if he can give the reason for the delay in holding this inquiry; and why Abergavenny was selected as the place at which it is to be held?


I have been asked to reply. I am informed by the coroner that the date and place for resuming the adjourned inquest are not yet fixed because the explorations and tests are not yet completed. I understand that for the same reasons the date and place for the statutory inquiry are not yet fixed. The inquest was opened at Abergavenny, where there was suitable

APPLICATIONS for Extended Benefit considered by the Local Committees at Macclesfield and Congleton.
Six months ended 10th January, 1927. Three months ended 11th April, 1927.
Macclesfield. Congleton. Macclesfield. Congleton.
Applications considered 2,576 2,079 1,051 1,157
Applications recommended for allowance 2,134 1,861 840 1,019
Applications recommended for disallowance Not normally insurable and not seeking to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment. 10 3 3 1
Insurable employment not likely to be available. 3 3 2 4
Not a reasonable period of insurable employment during the preceding two years. 91 29 46 25
Not making every reasonable effort to obtain suitab e employment or not willing to accept suitable employment. 59 20 20 11
Single persons residing, with relatives 111 66 43 18
Married women who could look for support from their husbands. 80 39 38 32
Married men who could look for support from their wives. 22 2 20
Working short time but earning sufficient for maintenance. 65 56 37 47
Applications postponed for definite periods 1 2
Total Disallowances 442 218 211 138

Statistics of applications for standard benefit in these are not available, nor are statistics available as to the number of separate individuals represented in the foregoing figures.