HC Deb 06 May 1927 vol 205 c1905W
Commander BELLAIRS

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he

1924. 1912.
Printing Paper. Writing Paper. Printing Paper. Writing Paper.
Cwts. Cwts. Cwts. Cwts.
Output 16,080,500 2,256,500 11,323,400 3,120,800
Total Imports 3,928,600 131,300 3,583,500
Consigned from Russia, Finland and Succession States. 969,500 32,000 67,100
From British Countries 1,183,300 1,400 867,700

Separate particulars of writing paper and printing paper imported were not obtained in 1912. The figures of imports of writing paper in 1924 given above are exclusive of imports of stationery, of which 56,600 cwts. were recorded in the year, including 5,900 cwts. consigned from British countries; imports of stationery from Russia, Finland, etc., were negligible in amount.

Neither the figures of output nor those of imports relate to the same territory in 1912 and in 1924. All the figures for 1912 relate to Great Britain and Ireland. For 1924 the import figures relate to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, while the figures of output given above for that year relate to Great Britain only.