HC Deb 02 May 1927 vol 205 cc1295-6W

asked the Minister of Transport what is the total area of land to be surrendered for the proposed widening of Kensington High Street; what proportion of such land is to be surrendered by the Crown and what proportion by a private firm; what area of public street is to be surrendered to this firm; what sum, if any, is to be paid for the proportion of Crown land to be surrendered; what sum is to be paid out of public revenues, and for what specific purposes is such sum to be paid; and whether, in return for this expenditure of public money, any terms have been arranged so that no vans or cars owned by or dealing with the firm shall be allowed to stand or load in the neighbouring streets that will remain to the public user?

Colonel ASHLEY

I understand that approximately 16,700 square feet is to be surrendered for the proposed widening, made up as to 10,000 square feet by the private firm and 6,700 square feet by the Crown.

The area of public street to be surrendered to the firm is approximately 13,500 square feet, subject to the necessary Order by the appropriate Court being obtained.

No cash payment is being made to the Crown except a sum of about £800 in respect of a small area not now occupied by the private firm. The arrangement come to between the private firm and the Crown provides for an exchange of lands rendering the Crown area more convenient for rebuilding purposes, and it is further the intention that the Crown should for building purposes obtain the freehold of Burden Mews subject to the public rights in that thoroughfare being extinguished by Order of the appropriate Court.

The sum to be paid in respect of the improvement is substantial, but the agreement has not yet been completed, and it is not possible therefore for me to give details at this stage. It is proposed, however, that the total cost of the improvement should be borne in equal shares by the London County Council, Kensington Borough Council and the Road Fund, contribution from the Road Fund being limited to a specified sum and subject to satisfactory estimates and other details being submitted.

It has been arranged on behalf of the Crown that on part of the land to be let by them to the private firm on building lease, accommodation shall be provided for the loading and unloading of their vehicles with a view to avoiding the use of the public thoroughfares for such purposes.