HC Deb 31 March 1927 vol 204 cc1458-9W

asked the Home Secretary how many variations in the price of petrol there have been since the War of 2d. a gallon or over, and what they were; and the variations in the fares charged and authorised by taximeter cabs in the City of London?


In reply-to the first part of the question, the following have been the retail prices per gallon of No. 1 Motor Spirit (standard brands) in cans in London since 1918:

  • 1918.—1st May. 3s. 9d.; 1st December, 3s. 7d.
  • 1919.—1st January, 3s. 3½d.; 19th May, 3s. 1d.
  • 1920.—4th February, 3s. 8½d.; 30th August, 4s. 3½d.; 11th October, 4s. 0½d.
  • 1921.—1st January, 3s. 5½d.; 28th May, 2s. ll½d.; 18th August, 2s. 5½d.
  • 1922.—26th September, 2s.
  • 1923.—19th July, Is. 8½d.; 25th September, 1s. 6½d.
  • 1924.—2nd February, 1s. l1d.; 4th September, is. 7½d.; 16th September, Is. 6½d.
  • 1925.—Is. 6½d.
  • 1926.—26th February, Is. 7½d.; 1st November, Is. 6d.; 20th December, Is. 5½d.
  • 1927.—16th March, 1s. 3½d.

In reply to the second part of the question, the variations in the fares charged and authorised by taximeter cabs since the War are as follows:

From 1917 to the 1st March, 1920, when the fare was 8d. per mile, an additional fee of 6d. was charged on each hiring.

On the 1st March, 1920, the fare was increased from 8d. to 1s. per mile.

On the 6th April, 1926, I made an Order authorising an alternative scale of 9d. per mile, but no application has been made to fit a taximeter to register according to this scale.