HC Deb 29 March 1927 vol 204 cc1069-71W

asked the Minister of Transport the number of acci-

NUMBER OF ACCIDENTS, involving personal injury reported as having occurred at railway level Crossings between 1st January, 1926, and 26th March, 1927, together with the total number of casualties resulting therefrom.
Public Road Crossings. Private and Footpath Crossings. Total.
Number of Accidents. Killed. Injured. Number of Accidents. Killed. Injured. Number of Accidents. Killed. Iujured.
34 27* 33* 53 43 14 87 70* 47*
* Including 9 persons killed and 6 injured in accident at Naworth.


I regret that the returns supplied to my Department do not permit of distinction being made between time lost from transport difficulties and that lost from want of trade, but the following are the figures of the time lost from all causes and from these two causes:

dents at railway crossings since January, 1926; the number of persons injured; and the number killed?

Colonel ASHLEY

The following statement gives the information desired: