HC Deb 16 March 1927 vol 203 cc2029-30W
Colonel DAY

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he has received a Report from Mr. O'Malley with reference to his mission to Kiukiang; and, if so, can he make a statement to the House?


Mr. O'Malley returned to Hankow on 25th February from Kiukiang, where he had gone to discuss with His Majesty's Consul the question of compensation for losses suffered by British subjects from looting. I have no report from Mr. O'Malley on this visit, but on 2nd March he reached an agreement with Mr. Chen with regard to the Kiukiang concession supplementary to the agreement of 20th February, the terms of which were given to the House on 22nd February in reply to a question by the Leader of the Opposition.

This supplementary agreement is as follows:

Substance of a note from. Mr. O'Malley to Mr. Chen. As a result of further discussion on the subject of the execution of the agreement relative to the British concession at Kiukiang and in settlement of the question of the future status of the concession area at Kiukiang, His Majesty's Government will cancel the British municipal regulations and hand over unconditionally the administration of the concession area at Kiukiang to the Nationalist Government as from 15th March next. Mr. Chen acknowledged the receipt of this note in a letter repeating its contents

Note from Mr. Chen to Mr. O'Malley. I transmit herewith a cheque for 40,000 dollars in full settlement of all losses suffered by British subjects during the recent disturbances at Kiukiang in accordance with the terms of the agreement concluded on 20th February last. It is understood that with a view to avoiding the delay and expense involved in a joint inquiry into each individual claim, the British authorities will assume responsibility for settling individual claims of the British subjects concerned, which will be subjected to detailed scrutiny and strictly limited to direct losses covered by the agreement of 20th February. It is further understood that copies of statements of claim and other relevant papers will be available for the inspection of a representative of the Nationalist Government, and that in the event of any balance remaining over after the settlement of all claims, such balance will be returned by His, Majesty's Government to the Nationalist Government. Mr. O'Malley acknowledged this note in a letter repeating its contents.

Letter from Mr. Chen to Mr. O'Malley. "The proper Chinese authority will confirm the existing Blind frontage licences issued by the British authorities for their current period of 10 years and the said licences will continue valid pending their confirmation."