HC Deb 08 March 1927 vol 203 c1055W

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether any and, if so, what decision has been reached in regard to the compensation to be paid to shipowners for the ships with coal cargoes which were detained in the ports of this country during the coal dispute of last year?


It is not proposed to pay compensation to ship-

FATAL AND NON-FATAL ACCIDENTS at Mines and Sinking Shafts under the Coal Mines Acts in Great Britain.
Fatal Accidents. Non-fatal Accidents.
Period. No. of Separate Accidents. No. of Persons Killed. No. of Separate Accidents. No. of Persons Injured.*
1st January to 30th April, 1926 409 420 1,559 1,644
1st November, 1926, to 1st March, 1927 306 388 1,365 1,445
* Including persons injured by accidents which proved fatal to others.