HC Deb 22 June 1927 vol 207 c1865W

asked the Minister of Transport if he is aware that rural workers have been dismissed from their employment of repairing roads in rural districts owing to the fact that no funds are now available from the Road Fund; how many such men have been dismissed; and what steps it is proposed to take?

Colonel ASHLEY

I have no record of the number of men employed by highway authorities throughout the country. Having regard to the increasingly large sums allocated from the Road Fund for the maintenance of roads in rural areas, I should be surprised to learn that the aggregate number of men employed in maintaining and repairing roads in such areas has undergone reduction, but, even if this be the case, it must be for some reason other than that suggested in my hon. Friend's question.

Allocation of Revenue, 1927–28.
£ £ £
Estimated gross receipts from Licence Duties, less Refunds 24,100,000
Deduct Payments on Local Taxation Account 600,000
Treasury share 4,000,000
Estimated Net Receipts from Motor Taxes 19,500,000
Add Interest Receipts from Loans and Investments 355,000
Deduct Local Authorities' Cost of Collection (Roads Act, Sec. 3 (4) (a)) 380,000
Compensation Claims (Roads Act, Sec. 3 (4) (b)) 50,000
Expenses of Other Government Departments (Roads Act, Sec. 3 (4) (e)) 25,000
Administration Expenses (Roads Act, Sec. 3 (4) (c)) 145,000
Net Revenue available for appropriation 19,255,000