HC Deb 28 July 1927 vol 209 c1485W

asked the Minister of Health whether he can supply the number of persons in receipt of out-door relief, and the amount of money expended, in Durham County during the first six months of 1924?


The average number of persons in the unions in the union county of Durham in receipt of out-relief in money and kind (excluding persons in receipt of medical relief only and casuals) during each of the first six months of 1924 is stated in the following table, together with the total cost of that relief to the guardians of those unions.

Month of Out-Relief in money and kind.
Average number of persons in receipt of relief. Total cost of relief.
1924. pound;
January (4 weeks) 66,199 54,391
February (4 weeks) 64,111 52,960
March (5 weeks) 59,498 57,669
April (4 weeks) 56,123 44,962
May (5 weeks) 55,025 55,946
June (4 weeks) 53,741 43,395