HC Deb 27 July 1927 vol 209 cc1257-8W

asked the Secretary of State for War how many men now serving with the troops in Shanghai are due for discharge this year; and whether any provision will be made for their re-instatement in civilian employment on discharge?


There are, approximately, 2,700 Section A Reservists now serving in China who are due to return this trooping season, though some of this number may volunteer to remain in Army service in China. Apart from the Section A Reservists, approximately 1,000 men will be sent back from China for discharge during the current financial year, if the troops remain in China beyond that date. As regards the re-instatement in civil employment of those who return, no special provision can be made, but I trust that employers, on whose public spirit we must necessarily rely, will do all they can to take back their former employés and to offer work to those who were not in employment when they were called up from the Reserve.