HC Deb 14 April 1927 vol 205 cc546-7W

asked the Minister of Labour whether he can arrange that men in the Hartshill district of Dudley who have to go on unemployment benefit can make their applications to the Dudley Exchange and be dealt with there, rather that at an exchange not in the borough of Dudley, where they are not known?


In general, it is open to a claimant to choose for himself the local office at which he will make his claim. The claimants residing in the Hartshill district may accordingly be dealt with at the Dudley Exchange if they attend there.


asked the Minister of Labour whether provision can be made so that the minister of religion or other person signing an application for unemployment benefit can also be asked to sign a statement that the applicant has to his knowledge continuously sought employment; and whether provision for that purpose can be made on the form?


The method suggested is used in cases where the claimant resides so far from the Exchange that he is excused from attending there. I doubt, however, whether it should be adopted generally. It would still be necessary to apply all the existing safeguards and the suggested certificate would therefore be an additional requirement, for which there is not on the whole sufficient justification. If a claim is challenged on the ground that the, claimant is not genuinely seeking work, it is open to the claimant to render a certificate of this kind, if he so, desires, and due weight is then given to it.

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