HC Deb 15 March 1926 vol 193 cc62-3W

asked the Minister of Health if he can state the total value of building plans for domestic dwellings passed by the local authorities during each of the last three years?


I have been asked to reply. I am unable to state the total value of building plans for domestic dwellings passed by all local authorities, but returns from 148 of the principal towns, exclusive of the County of London, having a population of 16½ millions in 1921, showed that the estimated cost of dwelling-houses for which plans were passed was nearly £32 millions in 1923, nearly £38 millions in 1924 and £45½ millions in 1925.

Colonel DAY

asked the Minister of Health how many houses have been sanctioned, are in the course of erection, and have been completed, under the Housing Acts of 1923 and 1924, respectively, together with the total number to be let and to be sold, separately?


On the let instant the position under the Housing Acts of 1923 and 1924 was as follows:

1923 Act. 1924 Act.
1. Number of houses completed 141,714 25,856
2. Number of houses under construction 41,059 34,996
3. Number of houses definitely arranged for but not started 33,550 26,452
4. Number of houses authorised but not definitely arranged for 48,805 23,170
Total (number of houses authorised) 265,128 110,471

Information is not available as to the total numbers which were built for sale and for letting, but as the hon. and gallant Member is no doubt aware, houses built under the Act of 1924 must be available for letting.

Small Dwellings Acquisition Act. Section 92 of the Housing Act, 1925.
1924. 1925. 1924. 1925.
£ £ £ £
London County Council 276,930 300,555 310,650 769,360
Other County Councils* 244,358 450,140 828,100
County Borough, Other Borough and Urban District Councils. 4,044,462 5,751,462 1,720,357 2,425,662
Rural District Councils 311,607 608,168 773,822 862,680
Totals 4,877,357 7,110,325 2,804,829 4,885,802
In addition the Birmingham Corporation advanced under special powers and from their Municipal Bank £319,323 in 1924, and £556,298 in 1925.
* Advances made by County Councils may he in respect of houses in urban and rural areas.

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