HC Deb 11 March 1926 vol 192 cc2630-1W

asked the President of the Board of Education (1) the total number of secondary schools, the number of children attending secondary schools, the number of secondary school teachers, and the average number of children per class; (2) the total number of elementary school children, the number of elementary schools, the number of elementary school teachers, certificated and uncertificated, and the average number of children per class?


The figures are as follow:

Secondary Schools on the Grant List 1st October, 1925. Public Elementary Schools England and Wales 31st March, 1925.
Number of schools 1,297 20,734
Number of pupils on registers 367,290 5,581,468
Number of full-time teachers 19,069
Certificated teachers 117,380
Uncertificated teachers 33,375
Supplementary teachers 9,977
Special subjects teachers 3,956
Other Adult teachers 574
Average number of pupils per class 23.1 37.4*
* The figure of 29.8 given in Debate on the 8th February last represented the proportion between the total number of children in average attendance (instead of "on the registers") and the total number of Certificated, Uncertificated, Supplementary and Special Subjects full-time Teachers employed in Public Elementary Schools and Centres maintained by Local Education Authorities on the 31st December, 1925, including those Head and Assistant Teachers who were not in charge of classes in Public Elementary Schools and Teachers of Special Subjects.