HC Deb 05 March 1926 vol 192 cc1779-80W

By the Revised Tariff which came into force on 1st July, 1925, the import duty on cotton piece goods in general was increased from 5 per cent. to 8 per cent. ad valorem. The 5 per cent. ad valorem rate was, however, maintained for certain classes of fabrics, namely those containing more than 30, but not more than 200 threads in a square of 10 centimetres side and which for every 10 threads in the square of one metre side weigh more than 2 but not more than 7 grammes.

Moreover, certain cloths are exempted from duty, including fabrics weighing

Tariff Number and Classification. Tariff Duty prior to increase. Tariff Duty as increased. Increase in Duty (in English measures).
(Yen per 100 kin.) (Yen per 100 kin.) per lb.
298 (7). Plain cotton tissues, not otherwise provided for in the Tariff:—
A. Grey:
A 1. Weighing not more than 5 kilogrammes per 100 square metres, and having in a square of 5 millimetres side, in warp and woof:
(a)19 threads or less 15.30 23.00 1.32d.
(b) 27 threads or less 20.70 31.00 1.76d.
(c) 35 threads or less 28.70 43.00 2.44d.
(d) 43 threads or less 38.00 57.00 3.25d.
(e) More than 43 threads 51.30 77.00 4.39d.

1,500 grammes or more per square metre (whether in the piece or in sections composed exclusively of said materials not further elaborated), provided they are not plushy and do not have flowers, checks, lines, squares, stripes or pattern woven, printed or otherwise marked thereon.

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