HC Deb 29 July 1926 vol 198 cc2338-9W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury how many second and higher grade established clerkships are held by ex-second and higher grade temporary clerks, who passed the Southborough examination, at a salary which is less than the salary they received as temporary clerks; what salary the Lytton Committee recommended should equitably be given to these clerks upon establishment; and whether third grade ex-temporary clerks received upon establishment a salary of smaller amount than they received as temporary clerks?


I am afraid I do not understand my bon. Friend's reference to second and higher grade established clerkships inasmuch as successful candidates at the Southborough examination are assigned to posts in the general clerical and Departmental clerical classes. Successful candidates at the examination receive on assignment the salaries recommended by the Lytton and Southborough Committees. It is not possible to make a comprehensive statement as to the effect of these terms in all eases in view of differences of hours and differences of London and provincial rates both for temporary clerks and for established officers. A grade III temporary clerk working 42 hours a week in London, assigned to the general clerical class in London, enters that class with a slight increase of emoluments, while, speaking generally, the rates of salary authorised for temporary clerks appointed to the established clerical classes from higher grades than grade III are somewhat less at the start than the rates payable to them as temporary clerks.