HC Deb 23 February 1926 vol 192 cc329-30W

asked the Secretary for Scotland, with reference to the grant which it is proposed to give for agricultural land drainage, whether he is in a position to state what proportion of this grant he hopes to obtain for Scotland; and whether he will be willing to consider the question of removing the present restriction, which insists that this work may only be done during the winter months?


It is intended that the Scottish provision for this purpose should be 11/80ths of the provision to be made for England and Wales, the Scottish amount in the financial year 1926–27 being £20,625. It is not proposed that there should be any restriction as to the period of the year during which approved

(A) Colonial Office Vote. (B) Colonies and Protectorates. (C) Dominions. (D) Oversea Settlement. Total.
£ £ £ £ £
1903–04 49,091 1,492,244 5,200 1,500 1,548,035
1913–14 58,169 776,395 4,800 2,000 841,364
1923–24 156,108 2,501,585 8,380 456,671 3,122,744
1924–25 170,349 826,371 8,315 395,217 1,400,252
Note.—No attempt has been made to allocate the expenditure on Imperial Defence Services during the years in question.
(A) This vote includes the salaries, etc., for the staff of the Dominions Division of the colonial Office, and in the years 1923–4 and 1924–5 for the staffs in connection with Middle Eastern Services and Services in respect of Mandated Territories in Africa; also in 1924–5 certain staffs in connection with Irish business.
(B) Includes annual appropriation for Uganda Railway Annuities, but not expenditure in connection with Mandated Territories, Middle Eastern Service, and certain Irish Services in the years 1923–4 and 1924–5. The figures for 1923–4 and 1924–5 include Loans-in-Aid as well as Grants-in-Aid. The figure for 1923–4 also includes £1,750,000 representing the net cost of settlement with the British South Africa Company, mainly in respect of administrative deficits incurred over a number of years by that Company in Southern Rhodesia.
(C) Comprises mainly expenditure on the passages of Governors-General and Governors.
(D) The figures for 1903–4 and 1913–4 were the annual Grant-in-Aid to the Emigrants' Information Office.

schemes may be carried out under these new arrangements.