HC Deb 15 December 1926 vol 200 cc2957-8W

asked the Minister of Health whether brynite is a permitted preservative under the new Preservative Order; whether his Department has received any complaints of the effect of this preservative on human beings; whether he is aware that animals have succumbed after eating meat so treated; and whether he is satisfied that in no circumstances can brynite be regarded as dangerous to public health when used in connection with meat?


The article mentioned is a proprietary preservative, and according to the information as to its composition which has been given to my Department by the proprietors, its use will be permissible in sausages and sausage meat, which are the only meat preparations in which any kind of preservatives will be allowed when the new Regulations become operative. The Departmental Committee on Preservatives in Food reported that the use of preservatives generally is un-

Name of Housing Act. Number of Local Authorities. Number of Houses completed.
Who are themselves carrying out housing schemes. Of district where private enterprise schemes have been approved. In Borough and Urban Districts. In Rural Districts. Total completed.
By Local Authorities. By Private Enterprise. By Local Authorities. By Private Enterprise.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Housing, Town Planning etc. Act, 1919. 1,289 74 135,285 2,914 34,340 1,631 174,170
Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919. 1,451 23,207 15,979 39,166
Housing etc. Act, 1923 589 1,578 39,565 111,617 5,096 54,232 210,510
Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924. 810 120 59,223 873 8,390 333 68,819
234,073 138,611 47,826 72,175 492,685

desirable, and should be restricted as far as possible, but 1 have not received any special complaints of the effect of this particular article on human beings Or on animals.