HC Deb 09 December 1926 vol 200 cc2299-300W

asked the Minister of Labour what is the position in regard to claimants for extended benefit who, during the four weeks prior to the date of claim, have been in receipt of 50 per cent. of their normal earnings; whether rota committees may instead of four weeks take a longer period when arriving at a decision in regard to a claimant's average earnings; and whether, if a claimant is disallowed extended benefit on the ground that during the preceding four weeks he has been in receipt of 59 per cent, of his normal earnings and continues to be unemployed, he will say for what period the disallowance holds good; and has a claimant any claim for retrospective payment?


The directions to committees with regard to cases of this class are contained in paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 of L.E.C. 82/17, of which I am sending the hon. Member a copy. This document does not define the period for which a disallowance is to hold good, but normally not more than four weeks is allowed to elapse before a claim is reviewed. There is no provision for retrospective payment except when it can he shown that the original decision was erroneous.


There are five sub-offices under the Hamilton Employment Exchange. The staff

NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS for Extended Benefit considered by the Local Committees at certain Employment Exchanges in Lanarkshire, together with an analysis of the Committees' recommendations.
Exchange. Application considered. Applications recommended for Applications postponed for a definite period.
Allowance. Disallowance.
12th January, 1926, to 15th November, 1926.
Airdrie 8,275 7,594 659 22
Coatbridge 12,329 10,797 1,526 6
Hamilton 19,624 17,476 1,743 405
Motherwell 15,733 14,397 1,188 148
Wishaw 15,368 13,802 926 640
Rutherglen 8,001 7,194 807 Nil

employed in these offices includes, in each case, a part-time branch manager, whose remuneration is regulated by the amount of work performed in the office, and clerks, who are employed and remunerated by the branch manager. The annual remuneration of the branch managers ranges between about £235 and £1,100, out of which the manager has to pay for any necessary clerical assistance and for office accommodation.

The number of staff employed at the Hamilton Exchange is 26, made up as follows:

£ (Exclusive of cost of living bonus.)
1 Manager 200–400
3 Employment officers (men) 200–250
1 Employment officer (woman) 170–220
5 Employment clerks (men) 75–180
(women) 75–150

16 Temporary clerks on scales of remuneration ranging between 51s. 5d. and 74s. 9111. per week in the case of men and 37s. 4d. and 45s. 4d. per week in the case of women.