HC Deb 03 December 1926 vol 200 c1557W

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that the staff at the Attercliffe Employment Exchange have not been paid for overtime worked during the period of the general strike, and whether he will take steps to see that payment is made forthwith?


All overtime payment due to the staff of the Attercliffe Employment Exchange for the period of the general strike has been made. Subsequent to the general strike a certain amount of overtime in excess of the normal limit of 12 hours per week was worked. Sanction for payment of overtime in excess of normal limits has to be specially obtained, but the necessary authority has now been given, and out-

Men. Boys (age 16 to 18). Women. Girls (age 16 to 18). Total.
Applicants living with relatives to whom they could look for support:
(a) Single persons 46,086 6,999 17,857 5,653 76,595
(b) Married persons 2,254 23,455 25,709
Short-time workers 28,703 611 10,825 729 40,868

The above figures include a considerable number of applicants who in any case could not have received extended benefit because they failed to satisfy one or more of the other conditions governing the receipt of such benefit.