HC Deb 28 April 1926 vol 194 cc2045-7W

asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs how many migrants have left this country for Australia, Canada, and for the rest of the Empire overseas during the first three months of 1926; and the numbers for the same three months in 1923, 1924, and 1925?


The numbers of British subjects recorded as leaving permanent residence in Great Britain and Northern Ireland to take up permanent residence in Australia, Canada, and in the rest of the British Empire overseas, during the first three months of 1923, 1924, 1925 and 1926, are shown in the following table:

preceding her application for benefit she had been employed in an insurable employment to such an extent as was reasonable; and whether he will say how many months' employment in this case is considered reasonable?


My information is that the only employment Mrs. Talbot, has had since her marriage in 1920 was for a period of about 12 months in 1924–25 as a corridor maid. She has paid 74 unemployment insurance contributions in all, and has drawn the full amount of standard benefit due on these contributions, namely, 74 days. Her claim to extended benefit was twice rejected by the local Employment Exchange, in January and March last. It was down to be again considered yesterday, and I will let the hon. Member know the result.


asked the Minister of Labour whether, having regard to the large number of claimants to unemployment insurance benefit whose claims have been rejected by local employment committees on the grounds of no reasonable period of unemployment and not making reasonable effort to obtain employment, he will state what period of employment is considered necessary, after being refused benefit, to secure a further hearing by a local employment committee; and, after benefit has been refused, what evidence is necessary to secure a rehearing of the appeal for benefit by the local employment committee?


Where a claim to extended benefit has been disallowed on the grounds indicated, a fresh application is not, as a rule, entertained until the claimant can show either that he has had eight weeks' employment or that he has been making reasonable efforts to obtain employment over a period of six months. But committees are empowered to reconsider cases at any time if an applicant can produce fresh facts which were not before the committee when they made their recommendation for disallowance.


asked the Minister of Labour why Miss F. Cook, book No. local office, Shoreditch, serial No. 59,094, was refused unemployment benefit at the Mansell Street Exchange, on the ground of not genuinely seeking work, considering that she had applied for every job to which the Employment Exchange officials had sent her, and had been informed that there were no vacancies?


I am having inquiries made, and will let the hon. Member know the result as soon as possible.