HC Deb 22 April 1926 vol 194 cc1398-9W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the names of the 10 officers stated to be required for a further six months by the Food Department of the Board of Trade engaged in the liquidation of the old Ministry of Food transactions, the salaries paid, and the specific duties performed by each of them; how many of this number are ex-service men; and whether any of this staff are members of the permanent service, or, alternatively, whether it is contemplated transferring any of this staff to the permanent service?


The 10 officers are: Messrs. L. Bevan, D. G. Cathro, F. Houghton, V. F. Houston, H. James, H. Nicholls, P. J. Osborne, B. P. A. Wilson, A. O. Winter, and H. Woodhouse. Two arc paid 71s, 6d. a week, two are paid 84s. 10d., a week, one is paid £350 per annum, one is paid £500 per annum, one £600 per annum and one £700 per annum; one is paid £600 per annum for part time and one £700 per annum for part time. Five are employed on the settlement and adjustment of accounts of Bacon Packers; two on the settlement and adjustment of Flour Mills Control accounts; two on the investigation of claims made by the French Government in connection with their share of the Wheat Executive accounts; and one, who has a special knowledge of all the accounts work of the late Ministry of Food, is at persent employed on the accounts of other trading services. Seven officers are ex-service men and three are not. No one of the 10 is at present a member of the permanent staff, but three of them have passed the recent examination and are now waiting certification as clerical officers by the Civil Service Commission. It is not proposed that any of the remainder shall be transferred to the permanent service.