HC Deb 26 November 1925 vol 188 cc1607-10W

asked the Minister of Health whether during the present epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease the carcases of any animals have been condemned in abattoirs because found to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease; and whether any parts of such carcases have afterwards been sold for human consumption?


I am informed that during the present epidemic animals infected with foot-and-mouth disease have been found in two public abattoirs, namely those of Blackburn and Rotherham. In the former case four beasts and two sheep, and in the latter case one fat cow, were found to be affected. The carcases of all these animals were found on inspection by officers of the town council to be in good condition and ware passed for human consumption after destruction of the heads, feet and certain of the internal organs in accordance with the accepted practice governing the inspection of carcases for human food.

Captain W. SHAW

asked the Comptroller of the Household, as representing the Minister of Agriculture, if he is aware that cattle condemned under the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Order have in certain cases in the parish of Holt, Wiltshire, been cremated within 40 yards of cottages inhabited by people, which has caused them intense discomfort and even sick- ness owing to their rooms becoming enveloped in fumes from the burning; and, in order to obviate a recurrence of such procedure, will he give instructions that such burnings for the future are only to take place in locations as far removed as possible from any dwelling-house?


A complaint of the nature described in the question has reached my right hon. Friend from the Bradford-on-Avan Rural District Council He has instituted immediate inquiries into the matter, and when these are completed, he will communicate with my hon. and gallant Friend.


asked the Comptroller of the Household, as representing the Minister of Agriculture, whether he is aware that M. Sechet, a French expert in cattle diseases, is at present at Melton Mowbray; whether he has received any application to allow tests to be made by M. Sechet on animals suffering from foot-and-mouth disease; and, if so, whether he has given his permission for these tests to be carried out?


M. Sechet has made application to the Ministry for a test of his specific to be made, but so far as the Ministry is aware no satisfactory evidence exists of the efficacy of his specific. In the case of this and of the large number of secret remedies and cures that have been submitted, the Ministry consider it would be contrary to public policy to maintain centres of disease whereby possible methods of curative treatment can be tested.

Lieut. - Colonel ACLAND - TROYTE

asked the Comptroller of the Household, as representing the Minister of Agriculture, whether he will reconsider his refusal of the proposals submitted by the Devon County Council to prohibit the movement of animals into the county; and whether, in view of the serious outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease, he will allow the counties of Devon and Cornwall to make regulations for their own protection, thereby taking advantage of their geographical position?


In accordance with agricultural opinion generally, my right hon. Friend thinks that local authorities should not issue regulations supplementary to those issued by his Department unless there is a distinct necessity for so doing. My right hon. Friend is advised that there is no such necessity in this case, but if the position as regards disease changes, he will be prepared to consider further proposals from the local authorities of the two counties in question.