HC Deb 04 May 1925 vol 183 cc609-10W

asked the Minister of Health whether in view of certain misconceptions that appear to exist as to the effect of the Rural District Councils (Slaughter Houses) Order, 1924, and the Public Health (Meat) Regulations, 1924, he will state whether(1) a person who has in the past annually made use of his premises for occasional slaughtering purposes, and so established a custom, is now entitled to have these premises registered as a slaughterhouse;(2) whether a smallholder, cottager, or other person is at liberty to kill one or two pigs annually on his own premises, wholly or partly for purposes of sale, without registering such premises or obtaining a licence;(3) whether, if proper notice has been given and the carcase of a slaughtered animal has not been inspected, then after three hours from the time of slaughtering or six hours after the delivery of the notice, whichever may be the later, the carcase can be removed unless such later hour falls between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., in which ease the carcase cannot be removed until after 7 a.m.;(4) whether, in the event of an animal being slaughtered and the premises not being suitable for the retention of the carcase thereon, such carcase can be removed to a more suitable place; (5) whether, in a case where an accident occurring on a farm necessitates an animal being slaughtered, it is sufficient compliance with the regulations if notice of the slaughtering be given as soon as is reasonably possible;(6) whether, for the purposes of the delivery of notice, a notice sent to the proper authority by letter may be regarded as having been delivered at the hour at which such letter would ordinarily reach the addressee;(7) and the conditions, if any, under which notification by telephone or telegraph would be accepted?


While any question as to the interpretation of the material enactments and Regulations is ultimately for the Courts. I am advised that the answers to the several parts of the question are as follow:

  1. (1)Yes; if there had in fact been up to 1st January last an established custom of slaughtering on any premises in a rural area affected by the Order, the occupier is entitled to have the premises registered as a slaughterhouse.
  2. (2)Yes; I am advised that this is so.
  3. (3)Yes.
  4. (4)Yes; if the animal was slaughtered by reason of accidental injury, but not otherwise.
  5. (5)Yes; subject to the carcase being retained as mentioned in the third part of the question.
  6. (6)Yes.
  7. (7)There are no restrictions upon the giving of notice of intention to slaughter by telephone or telegraph.
I am proposing to issue a Circular to local authorities on points arising under the Order and Regulations.