HC Deb 18 March 1925 vol 181 cc2284-5W
Major GLYN

asked the Secretary of State for Air what is the total strength of the Royal Air Force, including those serving in India, showing officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, airmen, and boys of the regular establishment, and also civilians both permanently employed and those employed as civilian labourers, each separately; what is the total number in each of the above categories who actually hold pilots' certificates; how many in each category are under instruction to fly; how many in each category are employed in the construction, repair and maintenance of machines borne on the strength of units: and how many are in each category employed in stores depots at home and overseas, respectively?


As regards the first part of the question, the total strength of the Royal Air Force is 3,282 officers. 115 cadets, 292 warrant officers, 4,512 non-commissioned officers, 22,049 aircraftsmen, 2,406 boys. As regards civilians employed, on the assumption that by "civilians permanently employed" and "those employed as civilian labourers" my hon. and gallant Friend refers to non-industrials and industrials, respectively, the figures are 2,744 and 14,179 respectively.

As regards the second part, there are 2,038 officers and 107 warrant officers and non-commissioned officers qualified as pilots, but no information is available as to the number of civilian employés holding pilots' certificates.

As regards the third part, 274 officers and 38 warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and aircraftsmen are under flying instruction. I am not aware that any civilian employees are under flying instruction.

As regards the fourth part, about 6,250 warrant officers, non - commissioned officers and aircraftsmen, and 87 non-industrial and 1,397 industrial civilians belong to trades directly concerned with the construction and repair of aircraft and engines, and also with maintenance, but many others are employed on duties connected with maintenance, etc., in a broad sense. It is impossible to give a corresponding figure for officers, since their duties are not confined to this kind of work.

As regards the last part of the question, there are 51 officers, 315 non-industrial and 2,067 industrial civilians employed at home stores depots, and 28 officers, 310 warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and aircraftsmen, and 36 non-industrial and 256 industrial civilians employed at stores depots overseas.