HC Deb 17 March 1925 vol 181 cc2091-2W

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what is the nature of the security bonds taken for the protection of women and girls under Section 7 of Ordinance 143 (women and girls protection) in the Straits Settlements; and what is the nature of the adoption bonds?


I have not been furnished with specimen copies of these bonds, but I will obtain particulars of them and communicate with the hon. Member.


asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he is aware that the Annual Report of the Straits Settlement Labour Department for 1923 devotee 12 pages of very full information, apart from tables, regarding Indian labour conditions, but that there is only half a page devoted to Chinese labour, with no similar particulars, and no report at all regarding Malay labour; and why, seeing that the Chinese population in 1921 was 529,282, the Malay 269,799, and the Indian only 109,257, there is no report regarding the larger communities?


The fact that so large a proportion of the Report is devoted to details concerning Indian labour is no doubt due to the keen interest taken by the Government and people of India in conditions of Indian labour abroad. A copy of this question will be sent to the Governor in order that he may see that in future fuller information as to other labour would be welcomed.