HC Deb 12 March 1925 vol 181 cc1544-5W

asked the Minister of Pensions whether he will investigate the circumstances attending the refusal of treatment allowances to ex-Sapper W. H. Mailes, of 28, Maiden Road, Stratford. who was advised by the local area office that treatment by a general practitioner was necessary, but that such treatment would not prevent him working at a remunerative occupation, although the man is extremely ill and was examined by the medical man of his employers, the London and North Eastern Railway Company, who certified the man unfit for, work, precisely the same week that he was discharged from the Ministry's hospital at Sidcup, where he was a patient from April, 1924: and whether this man was admitted by the Ministry to be suffering in April, 1922, from bronchitis and dyspepsia, which ailments, although they disappeared in the summer period, June, 1922, reappeared in October, 1923, and he was admitted to Orpington Military Hospital in October, 1923, and remained until 1924?


The man referred to is eligible to receive a course of treatment from my Department for neurasthenia only, and his admission to the hospitals referred to in the last part of the question was for the purpose of undergoing treatment for this disability. At a subsequent medical examination by specialists it was not found that any further course of treatment by the Ministry was required in his case, and that such medical attention as he might occasionally require from a general practitioner would not prevent him from working. In these circumstances, he is not eligible for the allowances provided by Article 6 of the Royal Warrant. I would add that Mr. Miles has made claim in respect of several other ailments, but they have not been found to admit of compensation under the Royal Pensions Warrants, and the decision of the Ministry has been confirmed by the independent tribunals of appeal. The Ministry have no information that the man's present condition, as stated in the question, is due to his war service.