HC Deb 12 March 1925 vol 181 cc1548-50W

asked the Minister of Health the number of houses built under the various Housing Acts since 1918 in the borough of Doncaster and the urban districts of Bentley-with-Arksey and Adwick-le-Street, respectively; what number of houses are in process of building or have been sanctioned; and the number of houses built by private enterprise 'n the same areas and during the same period?


The following figures supply the answer to the Question:

drawn to the complaint of Mr. W. Docherty, of Westfield, Redcar, who has had to close down his brick works in con- sequence of a neighbouring landlord refusing to sell adjoining land, which contains clay deposits and is lying useless; and whether, in view of the serious shortage of bricks, he will introduce legislation to prevent such stoppage of industry?


My attention has been drawn to Mr. Docherty's complaint, and I have had inquiries made. I do not think I should be justified, as a result of this particular case, in introducing general legislation on the subject.

Colonel DAY asked the Minister of Health whether all the brickfields in the country are now working at their full capacity; and, if not, whether he is taking any steps to see that all the brick-fields will turn out their full capacity in order to expedite the building of houses for the working classes?


A very large increase in the production of bricks has taken place recently as a result of the

State-aided Schemes—Position at 31st January, 1925.
State-aided Schemes. Number of houses authorised. Number of houses under construction. Number of houses completed. Number of Local Authorities concerned.
Housing, Town Planning, etc., Act, 1919.
By Local Authorities 34,438 143 34,279 444
By Public Utility Societies 1,631 1,631
Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919 16,029 16,020
Housing, etc., Act, 1923.
By Local Authorities 5,332 1,494, 1,534 499
By Private Enterprise 36,033 8,994 12,358
By Section 3 Schemes (Public Utility Societies, etc.). 4,750 795 1,735
Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924.
By Local Authorities 2,451 668 167 56
By Private Enterprise 77 4
(of which 25 are included in 499 above).
By Societies, etc. similar schemes under Section 3 of 1923 Act. 210
Totals 100,951 12,098 67,733
Without State Assistance.
During the two years ended 30th September, 1924, approximately 43,379 houses were completed by private enterprise without State assistance in Rural Districts, and 11,425 houses were under construction at the end of this period. Information is not available as to building without State assistance prior to 1922.

great demand, though it is, of course, impossible to say that every brick works is working at full capacity. It is estimated that before the War the annual production was 2,800 millions, and that at the present time it is about 5,000 millions. For the most part this increase in production has taken place in the ordinary course of business, without special assistance from the Government, but the Trade Facilities Act Advisory Committee is prepared to consider applications for guarantees of loans for capital expenditure in connection with brickworks, and in a number of cases guarantees have been given.