HC Deb 29 June 1925 vol 185 cc2048-9W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India if he will now, in view of the recent concessions, state the differences of treatment of the Berkshires at Rasmak, in Waziristan, and the regiment which preceded them there; whether he is aware that the military position of the two regiments was, despite any variation in respect of nomenclature of zones, precisely the same for both; and why the Berkshires, though suffering equal casualties with their predecessors, have been refused the usual medal?


The Government of India, considering that the British troops in Waziristan were properly housed by the end of March, 1924, withdrew active service concessions from 1st April, 1924. The Berkshire Regiment joined the force in March, 1924, and this decision involved the withdrawal of free rations for British officers and their private followers and the reduction of the rations of British troops from field service scale to normal scale, except when out with a movable column. In addition, the normal scale of issues of clothing to British troops was reverted to. But from 1st April, 1925, the Government of India sanctioned certain measures to compensate officers and men for extra expenditure incurred in Waziristan, and some of these measures had retrospective effect to 1st April, 1924. I have supplied details to the hon. Member. I am not aware that the Berkshires have been refused the medal for which they appear to qualify under Army Order 177 of 1925.