HC Deb 16 June 1925 vol 185 cc307-8W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether in the interests of widening the possible area of candidates for inspectorships of taxes and of clearing away obstacles to the candidature of applicants who are unable to meet the heavy costs of travelling to London, and of giving every part of the country equal opportunity, he will arrange that the board for giving oral tests shall meet in alternate years at London and Edinburgh?

Per linear foot of the standard width of 1⅜ inches.
Full rate. Preferential rate.
Blank film, on which no picture has been impressed, known as raw film or stock. 0⅓ Two-thirds of the full rate.
Positives, i.e., films containing a picture for exhibition, whether developed or not. 1
Negatives, i.e., films containing a photograph, whether developed or not, from which positives can be printed. 5


Having regard to the area from, which candidates are already recruited, and to the composition of the Interviewing Board, it is not practicable to require this board to sit in alternate years outside London. In order to reduce the cost of the examination both to public funds and to candidates as a whole to a minimum, it is moreover essential that the written and oral tests should be conducted consecutively and in the same place.