HC Deb 30 July 1925 vol 187 cc650-1W

asked the Minister of Health the number of houses for which the requisite certificate for occupation has been granted, in particular showing the houses built under the Act of 1924, giving the figures up to the latest available date, the houses built under the Act of 123 for the same period, and the houses built by private enterprise for the same period, with subsidy and without subsidy, stating the respective rateable value; and the number of temporary houses built which do not comply with the bye-laws, giving the following details, the number of houses built of brick, the number of houses built of steel and iron; and the number of houses built of any other substitute, or any amalgamation of any of the above?


The numbers of houses completed since the Armistice up to 1st July under the various subsidy schemes are as follow:

1. Housing, Town Planning, etc., Act, 1919, and Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919:
(a) By local authorities and Public Utility Societies 172,794
(b) By private builders 39,186
2. Housing, etc., Act, 1923:
(a) By local authorities 23,943
(b) By private enterprise 65,484
3. Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924:
(a) By local authorities 6,246
(b) By private enterprise 36
Total 307,689
The numbers of houses completed under the Act of 1923 since the date of the passing of the Act of 1924 are as follows:
(a) Local authorities' schemes 16,380
(b) Private enterprise schemes 51,095
Total 67,475
Information is not available as to the rateable value of these houses.

With regard to houses erected by private enterprise without subsidy returns are obtained half-yearly to March and September, and figures are only available for the past 2½ years. During that period the following houses have been entered on the rate books:

*Not exceeding £26 rateable value 117,587
*Exceeding £26 but not £52 rateable value 37,934
*Exceeding £52 but not £78 rateable value 5,045
Total 160,566
*Read £35, £35-£70, and £70-£l05 for London.
Information is not available hearing on the last part of the hon. Member's question.