HC Deb 07 August 1925 vol 187 cc1721-2W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the number of motor cars of foreign manufacture in use by Government Departments in this country; and why such foreign motor cars are used instead of cars of British manufacture?


in pursuance of hit reply, [OFFICIAL REPORT, 23rd July, 1925, col. 2408] supplies the following information as now available.

Following are particulars of foreign-manufactured cars in use by Government Departments.

The figures do not include Ford cars. Such cars recently purhased are known to have been manufactured in England: as regards such cars purchased several years ago it is not practicable to give full particulars as to the source of labour and material. In the latter cases, however, the cars will in all probability be replaced when necessary by similar cars manufactured in England.

Admiralty.—38 foreign cars are in use in this country. They were bought nine or ten years ago for war service and handed over by the Ministry of Munitions. All of them will be replaced by cars of British manufacture as they are worn out.

Air Ministry.—4 foreign cars are in use and are old war stock which it is economical to use up. They will be replaced by cars of British manufacture as they are worn out.

Ministry of Labour.—9 foreign cars are in use and are pre-war or war stock purchased through the Disposals Board. They will be replaced by British cars as and when they are worn out.

State Management Districts.—One foreign motor car is in use which was purchased second hand in 1917. It will shortly be replaced by a car of British manufacture.

War Office.—There are in use 19 Citroen Kegresse cars (semi-tracked vehicles) which were obtained for experimental purposes when British firms could not supply them. Machines are now being supplied by British firms, and it is anticipated that the Department will be able in future to obtain them from British firms.