HC Deb 08 October 1924 vol 177 cc548-53W
Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

asked the President of the Board of Trade the amount of trade that has been done with Russia for the months of July and August?


The following statement shows the declared values of the merchandise imported into and exported and re-exported from Great Britain and Northern Ireland, registered as consigned from or to Russia in each of the first eight months of 1924:

(3) the quantity of rage and flax imported from Russia in 1913 and 1923, respectively?


The following statement gives the information desired by the hon. Member, so far as the particulars are available. In view of territorial changes, the corresponding figures in respect of the Succession States have been added in order to preserve comparability as far as possible.

Exports (United Kingdom Manufacture) registered as consigned to the territories named during the years specified.
Linear Yards. Equivalent in Square Yards.
(a) Cotton Piece Goods:
In 1913—To Russia 3,903,300
In 1923—To Russia 108,500 128,100
To Succession States, except Poland 14,708,800 13,703,000
To Poland (including Dantzic) 3,965,400 3,827,200
(b) Woollen and Worsted Tissues, etc.: Linear Yards. Square Yards.
In 1913—To Russia 894,900
In 1923—To Russia 12,200
To Succession States (except Poland) 1,806,400
To Poland (including Dantzic) 416,300
(c) Silk Manufactures—Piece Goods wholly of Silk: Linear Yards. Square Yards.
In 1913—To Russia 11,995
In 1923—To Russia 60
To Succession States (except Poland) 4,054
To Poland (including Dantzic) 2,272
(d) Silk Manufactures—Piece Goods of Silk mixed with other Materials (if known as silks): Linear Yards. Square Yards.
In 1913—To Russia 13,723
In 1923—To Russia
To Succession States (except Poland) 1,625
To Poland (including Dantzic) 1,045
(e) Linen Piece Goods: Linear Yards. Square Yards.
In 1913—To Russia 225,500
In 1923—To Russia 1,600
To Succession States (except Poland) 62,200
To Poland (including Dantzic) 11,500
(f) Jute Piece Goods:
In 1913—To Russia 2,740,900
In 1923—To Russia 3,500
To Succession States (except Poland) 2,164,900
To Poland (including Dantzic) 111,900
(g) Boots and Shoes—Of Leather: Doz. Prs. Doz. Prs.
In 1913—To Russia 1,583
In 1923—To Russia 490
To Succession States (except Poland) 75
To Poland (including Dantzic) 964
(h) Boots and Shoes—Of Rubber:
In 1913—To Russia 26
In 1923—To Russia
To Succession States (except Poland) 1,457
To Poland (including Dantzic) 159
(i) Boots and Shoes—Of Other Materials:
In 1913—To Russia 5
In 1923—To Russia 7
To Succession States (except Poland) 42
To Poland (including Dantzic) 38

Registered Imports into the United Kingdom during the years 1913 and 1923 of Rags and Flux consigned from Russia and from, territories which were part of the Russian Empire in 1913.
(a) Woollen Rags: Cwts. Cwts.
In 1913—From Russia 44,333
In 1923—From Russia 8,596
From Succession States (except Poland) 1,198
From Poland (including Dantzic) 2,683
(b) Cotton and Linen Rags: Tons. Tons.
In 1913—From Russia 103
In 1923—From Russia 138
From Succession States (except Poland) 60
From Poland (including Dantzic)
(c) Flax: Tons. Tons.
In 1913—From Russia 68,161
In 1923—From Russia 3,088
From Succession States (except Poland) 13,964
From Poland (including Dantzic) 10
(d) Flax, Tow or Codilla: Tons. Tons.
In 1913—From Russia 13,416
In 1923—From Russia 1,575
From Succession States (except Poland) 2,222
From Poland (including Dantzic) 10
NOTE.—Imports (if any) of the above-mentioned commodities into the Irish Free State since 1st April, 1923, are not included.

Sir W. de FRECE

asked (1) the President of the Board of Trade if he is in a position to state the amount of purchases made and orders placed in this country on behalf of the Soviet Government during the last nine months; and whether these purchases are being paid for by cash;

(2) the Parliamentary Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department the amount and nature of large purchases made abroad by the Soviet Government since the beginning of the year; and whether cash was paid for these purchases?


I have been asked to reply. According to Board of Trade Returns for the eight months ending 31st August, the exports of British produce and manufactures to Russia amounted to £1,357,783, and re-exports of foreign and colonial produce to £5,343,497—totalling £6,701,280. According to the publication entitled "Russian Information and Review," which is issued by the Trade Delegation of the Soviet Union, purchases were made in the United Kingdom by Arcos, Ltd., to a total of £4,151,305 for the period 1st January to 31st July. These figures do not include the purchases made by other organs of the Soviet Union engaged in Russo-British trade, and they probably comprise articles of foreign as well as of British manufacture. It is understood that some purchases are being paid for by cash while the majority have been made on terms of credit of varying length. I have no information in regard to the purchases referred to in Question 83.


asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department the value of the exports of manufactured goods from this country to Russia during 1913, 1914, 1923, and the first half of 1924; and the figures as to the exports of manufactured goods from Germany to Russia during the same periods?


The following, statement shows, for each of the periods specified, the declared value of exports of articles of United Kingdom manufacture, classed as "Wholly or mainly manufactured," consigned to the countries named below, so far as particulars are available:

Period. Country to which consigned. Declared Value.
1913 Russia 10,255,028
1914 Russia 10,173,776
1923 Russia 1,698,232
Finland 2,528,666
Esthonia 561,250
Latvia 752,621
Lithuania 62,498
Poland (including Dantzig. 1,500,333
1924 (Jan-June) Russia 598,727
Finland Particulars not available.
Poland (including Dantzig).

According to German official trade returns the value of manufactured and semi-manufactured goods of domestic production exported to Russia in 1913 amounted to £36,700,000. Similar information for later years has not been published by the German Government.

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