HC Deb 08 October 1924 vol 177 cc547-8W

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether most-favoured-nation treatment has been arranged for the goods of Great Britain to be exported to Germany?

Month of 1924. Imports consigned from Russia. Exports consigned to Russia.
United Kingdom Merchandise. Foreign and Colonial Merchandise.
£ £ £
January 1,217,308 94,395 367,571
February 562,468 171,843 62,870
March 483,698 42,358 246,693
April 877,674 88,114 281,141
May 771,700 144,209 247,779
June 677,923 122,612 1,558,623
July 3,032,614 454,411 1,814,432
August 2,971,598 239,841 595,480

Since I furnished particulars for the earlier months of the year, in reply to previous questions on 30th April and 24th June, the figures have undergone some correction, and they are still liable to some adjustment on final examination of the returns.


asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department (1) the yardage of cloth exported to Russia in 1913 and 1923, respectively;

(2) the quantity of boots and shoes exported to Russia in 1913 and 1923, respectively;


The Clauses in the Treaty of Versailles under which we receive most-favoured-nation treatment, apart from special privileges accorded to Alsace and Lorraine and to Luxemburg, cease to have effect on 10th January next, but negotiations are in progress for the conclusion of a Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with Germany, one object of which will be to safeguard British trade in this matter, and in this connection I am in consultation with British industrial and commercial interests.

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