HC Deb 28 May 1924 vol 174 cc460-1W

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what are the names of the voluntary or semi-official emigration societies operating in the British Isles with which agreements under the Empire Settlement Act have been concluded; and whether he will give information showing the number of persons who sailed under the auspices of the respective societies during the year ended 31st March, 1924, giving the numbers of each sex under the age of 14, between 14 and 18, between 18 and 25, between 25 and 45, between 45 and 55, and over 55, stating in the cases of those under 18 whether they were accompanying parents or proceeding under escort to near relations, and unaccompanied children proceeding under the auspices of the societies, respectively?


The following statement shows the voluntary migration societies with which agreements under the Empire Settlement Act have been concluded. In the case of the child migration societies in List B," the cost of the journey is not covered by these agreements, which deal only with training, reception, settlement and after-care. A contribution towards the post of the journey in such cases is made by His Majesty's Government jointly with the Government of Canada and Australia under separate agreements. The figures give the total

Adults. Children. Total.
Men. Women.
Society for the Oversea Settlement of British Women. 101 115 216
Salvation Army:
Single Women—Canada 1,445 1,445
Families—Canada 25 31 80 136
Widows with families—Canada 79 162 241
British Dominions Emigration Society—Canada. 90 97 256 443
Fellowship of the Maple Leaf—Canada 2 7 9
British Red Cross Sooiety—Canada 14 7 5 26
Salvation Army:
Boys—Canada 500 500
Boy—Australia 146 146
Children—Canada 61 61
Liverpool Sheltering Homes—Canada 188 188
Children's Emigration Homes Birmingham—Canada. 72 72
Catholic Emigration Association—Canada 227 227
Dr. Banardo's Homes—Canada 484 484
Australia 158 158
Church of England Waifs and Strajs Society—Canada. 91 91
Mr. Fegan's Homes—Canada 38 38
National Children's Home and Orphanage—Canada. 106 106
Annie McPherson Home of Industry—Canada 27 27
Child Emigration Society—Australia 26 26
"Craigielinn Farm"—Australia 65 65
"Craigielinn Farm"—Canida 40 40
Totals 131 1,767 2,847 4,745
The children in list "A" are mainly accompanying parents or proceeding to join relatives.
Those in list "B" are usually unaccompanied children proceeding under the auspices of the Societies.