HC Deb 15 May 1924 vol 173 c1570W

asked the Prime Minister if the Government have any policy in respect to the establishment of a minimum wage for all employés engaged on Government work; and if the wage of £2 4s. 2d. per week, payable to labourers in His Majesty's fuel research factory, Greenwich, is in conformity with the Government policy?


The practice of the Government is to pay rates of wages and observe hours of labour not less favourable than those commonly recognised by employers and trade societies (or in the absence of such recognised wages and hours, those which in practice prevail amongst good employers) in the trade in the district where the work is carried out. Where there are no such wages and hours recognised or prevailing in the district, those recognised or prevailing in the nearest district in which the general industrial circumstances are similar are adopted. The minimum rate of wages payable to unskilled labourers at His Majesty's Fuel Research Station, Greenwich, is being increased to £2 7s. 2d. per week, with effect from the first full pay week in February.

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