HC Deb 14 May 1924 vol 173 cc1392-3W

asked the Minister of Health what is the cost of administration for National Health Insurance cases in England, Scotland and Wales, respectively?


The total cost of administration of National Health Insurance in the year 1922 (including expenditure by all Government Departments in connection with the service) was as follows:

England 4,012,000
Scotland 547,000
Wales 288,500

There are no statistics available as to the cost of administration per case, if, as is assumed, the hon. Member means by a case an individual insured person who is actually in receipt of one or other of the benefits provided under the Acts. The total cost of administration given above represented in the case of both England and Scotland approximately 6s. 4d. per insured person per annum, and in the case of Wales approximately 7s., and was in each case about 13 per cent. of the total receipts from ad sources. There has been a reduction as from the 1st January, 1924, in the maximum amount allowed to be appropriated for the administration expenses of approved societies.