HC Deb 14 May 1924 vol 173 cc1397-8W

asked the Minister of Labour the date upon which aliens became entitled to draw unemployment donations; what is the reason which prevents statistics being given as to the number of such aliens benefitting; and whether this number is considered in making actuarial calculations as to the solvency of the Unemployment Insurance Fund?


Aliens have always been entitled to covenanted benefit on the same conditions as British subjects. This has also been the case as regards uncovenanted benefit since 14th February last, before which date certain classes of aliens only were admitted to uncovenanted benefit. I have dealt with the question of statistics on a number of occasions, and would refer the hon. Member, in particular, to the replies given to the hon. and gallant Member for Dulwich on 7th May and the hon. Member for Hornsey on 16th April. As regards the last part of the question, I understand from the Government Actuary, that if no distinction is made between British subjects and aliens as regards the payment of contributions, there is no actuarial reason why separate figures should be obtained for aliens drawing benefit on the same terms as British subjects.


asked the Minister of Labour whether instructions have been issued recently to Employment Exchanges providing that unemployed workpeople must attend personally on four days in the week instead of three in order to receive unemployment benefit; whether he is aware that in many cases this involves waiting for several hours and a long journey from outlying districts; and whether, in order to avoid this and to allow more opportunity for personal search for work, he can see his way to modify this new regulation and reduce the time occupied in signing the register?


I am not aware that any workpeople living more than two miles from an Exchange are required to attend more frequently than on three days in the week, and many, owing to temporary pressure of numbers, attend less frequently. If the hon. Member will give me particulars of any cases in which he thinks there is hardship, I shall be glad to look into them.