HC Deb 07 May 1924 vol 173 cc460-2W

asked the Minister of Transport when the Departmental Committee on the taxation and regulation of road vehicles was appointed; its terms of reference; when the inquiry into the present system of motor taxation was remitted to it for special consideration; who were the members of the Committee when first appointed and who are the members now; what is the representative capacity of each member: and whether the Report of the Committee dealing with motor taxation will be available for the consideration of the House as soon as it is received by the Minister.


The Committee was appointed in October, 1919, with the following terms of reference:

"To inquire into and report as to the following matters in relation to the Regulation and Taxation of Road Vehicles:

  1. (1) Taxation and Revenue, including an expression of opinion as to the effect of the removal of the existing Motor Spirit Duty on the price of petrol.
  2. (2) Registration and Licensing.
  3. (3) Design, construction and weight.
  4. (4) Identification.
  5. (5) Speed Limits.
  6. (6) Roads:
    1. (a) The effect of self-propelled traffic.
    2. (b) The question of safety of other traffic.
    3. (c) Application of Section 20, Local Government (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1916."
The additional terms of reference asking the Committee to inquire further into the present system of motor taxation were remitted to it on 15th May, 1922.

The constitution of the Committee was originally as follows (alterations in the membership up to date are also indicated):

  • Sir Henry Maybury, K.C.M.G., C.B., Director-General of Roads, Ministry of Transport (Chairman).
  • Sir George Beharrell, D.S.O., Director-General of Finance and Statistics, Ministry of Transport. (This member resigned in September, 1922, and his place on the Committee was taken by Mr. C. W. Hurcomb, C.B., C.B.E., Ministry of Transport).
  • Sir Thomas Berridge, K.B.E., Royal Automobile Club.
  • Sir Harcourt E. Clare, Local Authorities. (This member died on 1st March, 1922, and his place on the Committee was taken by Mr. F. H. Berryman).
  • Mr. Stenson Cooke, Automobile Association and Motor Union.
  • Mr. F. L. D. Elliott, C.B., Police Authorities.
  • Mr. W. Rees Jeffreys, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. (This member went abroad in December, 1922, and his place on the Committee was taken by Mr. Sidney Straker, A.M.I.C.E.).
  • Sir Philip Nash, K.C.M.G., C.B., Director-General of Traffic, Ministry of Transport. (This member resigned in October, 1921).
  • 462
  • Mr. W. H. Pascoe, Board of Customs and Excise. (This member died on 31st March, 1924, and his place on the Committee has not been filled).
  • Mr. F. Pick, London and Provincial Omnibus Owners' Association.
  • Mr. E. S. Shrapnell-Smith, C.B.E., Commercial Motor Users' Association (Incorporated).
  • Mr. C. W. Tindall, Agriculture.
  • Mr. J. S. Williams, Treasury. (This member resigned in October, 1920, and his place on the Committee was taken by Mr. E. Twentyman, who also resigned in May, 1922).
It should, however, be noted that these members, other than those representing Government Departments, were appointed by the Minister of Transport from the panel of experts and impartial persons set up under the Ministry of Transport Act, 1919.

The Committee have presented two Interim Reports, dated 31st March, 1920 (Cmd 660/1920), and 17th March, 1922 (Stationery Office Publication, 1922). The first dealt with taxation and revenue, and the second with a number of questions connected with the construction and regulation of road vehicles.

I am arranging for the Committee's further Report on taxation and revenue to be published as soon as possible after it has been presented to me.