HC Deb 07 May 1924 vol 173 cc446-7W

asked the Minister of Labour what activities of the Statistical Department were abandoned during the period May, 1920, to October, 1922?


The principal reductions in the activities of the Statistics Branch of the Ministry of Labour during this period involved:—

  1. (1) the discontinuance of the quarterly "Z 8" returns giving statistics of the changes in the numbers of workpeople employed in each of the principal industries;
  2. (2) the discontinuance of a number of the special articles and statistics, relating to the changes in the state of employment in some of the principal industries, which had been regularly published in the "Labour Gazette," based mainly on returns supplied by employers and trade unions;
  3. (3) reductions in the statistics relating to the work of the Employment Exchanges and in those relating to the numbers of insured workpeople;
  4. 447
  5. (4) the suppression of publication of the quarterly journal "Labour Overseas";
  6. (5) the further suspension of publication of the series of statistical volumes, reports, etc., on labour matters, which had been temporarily suspended during the War.