HC Deb 13 March 1924 vol 170 cc2572-3W

Loss of Limb or Eye or very serious Injury.

648. If an officer of our Regular Forces, Special Reserve of Officers, Reserve of Officers, Militia, Territorial Force or Volunteers loses, through the performance of military duty, otherwise than in action, a limb or an eye, or sustains any other injury or injuries reported by the regulated medical authority to be of a permanent and very serious nature, he may be recommended for a pension not exceeding that shown in the following tables:—


The rate of pension and the period of its continuance shall be determined by the merits of each case, special regard being had to the fact of the injured officer being or continuing to be disabled, or otherwise, from the performance of his duties, and to the degree of contributory negligence (if any) attributable to him. The pension shall, in all other respects, be subject to the conditions applicable to officers injured in action.

Rank of officer at the date of the wound or injury:

General Officer. Maximum pension Special.
£ a year.
Colonel or Lieut.-Colonel 250
Major 150
Captain 75
Lieut. or Second-Lieut. 50

Non-European officers of all Arms:

Maximum pension. Rupees a month.
Subadar 25
Jemadar 12

In cases in which less than the maximum rate of pension allowed by the foregoing tables has been granted to an office while serving, the Army Council may, under exceptional circumstances, increase such pension to a rate not exceeding the maximum, on the officer's retirement from the Service.