HC Deb 06 June 1924 vol 174 cc1612-3W

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether the Lewis District Committee have petitioned the Government to make a grant for the completion of the Tolsta-Ness road; and if, in view of the large number of unemployed men in this area and the permanent benefits that would accrue to the people in the Back and Ness districts who are in needy circumstances, he has investigated the position and is prepared to sanction the total grant necessary for the work in view of the inability of the local authority to contribute?


I have received a, communication on the subject from the district committee, to which consideration has been given. As stated in my reply to the hon. Member on 13th May, however, I can hold out no hope of a grant being made towards the heavy cost which would be involved in completing this road.

(The various currencies are coverted at the rates of exchange in London during the period concerned.)
A.—Pit-head Costs (per Statute Ton based on all Coal raised).
1913 1923
s. d. s. d.
Great Britain 8 7 16 3
Germany—Rhur coalfield 8 10 7 3 (1922)
Belgium 14 1 27 9 (1922)
B.—Pit-head price {per Statute ton).
1913. 1923.
s. d. s. d.
Great Britain:
All coal raised 10 2 18 10
United States f.o.r.:
All coal raised:
Anthracite 14 5 25 4 (1922)
Bituminous Coal 5 5 15 3 (1922)
Average "spot" prices of Bituminous Coal 5 8 13 6
All coal raised 13 4 *
Nord & Pas de Calais Schedule Price for Thro' & Thro' 20/25 per cent, large, f.o.r. * 19 0
All coal raised (not including lignite) 11 2 *
Rhenish Westphalian Schedule Price for Thro' & Thro' 20/25 per cent, large, f.o.r. 11 11 12 11
All coal raised 14 9 27 1 (1922)
Schedule Price for Thro' & Thro' 20/25 per cent. Large, Industrial coal, f.o.r. * 22 6
The "spot" prices for American coal and the "Schedule" prices for coal in other foreign countries are simple averages of market quotations for a particular quality of coal or a number of qualities. They differ from tbe average prices of "all coal raised which represent the average pit-head selling value of the coal, actual or estimated.
* Information not available.