HC Deb 04 June 1924 vol 174 c1272W

asked a Postmaster-General how many mails re despatched from Great Britain to Anglia and New Zealand, respectively, d[...]ng the first three months of 1924, andow long each of the mails in questiono[...]ok to reach its destination; and whet he can give the corresponding figure for the first three months of 1914?


[...]ing the first three months of 1924 te were nine despatches to Australia The time of transit for mails sent the contract lines was 26 days. Noontract ships, which were used on threccasions, took 29 days. During the sa[...]eriod in 1914 there were 13 despats; and the scheduled time of trap was 25 days. Similar figures for Newaland are for 1924, despatches 19, 6(14 to 40 days; and for 1914, desnatch8. time 33 to 39 days.