HC Deb 24 July 1924 vol 176 c1541W

asked the Home Secretary upon whose authority permits are issued to visit convicts in prison; whether there is any limit to the use of same; if the persons to whom permits are granted are called upon to sign any agreements respecting prison rules; if so, what are the conditions thereby entered into; and what are the consequences following a breach of these conditions?


Prisoners are entitled to ordinary visits in accordance with the roles governing the progressive stage system. Special visits, in addition to these, may be authorised by the Prison Commissioners, by the Visiting Committee of a prison or by the governor, for exceptional or urgent reasons, or for the transaction of legal business. All visitors are required to conform to the authorised regulations for visits, which include a requirement that the interview shall be used only for the, purpose for which it, was granted. In certain cases, a written agreement, to that effect is required, and also that the subject of the interview shall not be communicated to any person outside, the prison. If the conditions were broken, the action taken would, of course, depend upon the degree and circumstances of the infraction.